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This funky toilet roll stand is made from copper pipe and fittings. The item is polished with wire wool to leave a sparkling shine. Thereafter it is polished with Olive Oil to help keep the item gleaming.


It offers a unique option to display your beloved toilet roll - since lock down I think we all know now how precious this stuff is to us and we probably owe it some credit. So why not display your toilet roll with pride. It holds a total of 4 rolls meaning you do not need to keep refilling as it offers easy access to all and might even encourage the children to replenish after using the last piece - on that note maybe its time to create a copper bin so they dispose of the empty roll too! All items are handmade therefore can slightly vary in colour and size.

Copper Tall Toilet Roll Stand

SKU: 364215375135191
  • This item is made from copper pipe and glue. Product size - W33cm H87cm D19cm

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