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This item is handmade with copper pipe and fittings. The item is polished with wire wool to leave a sparkling shine. Thereafter it is polished with Olive Oil to help keep the item gleaming.


Hearts are truly a unique shape that bring happiness and smiles to people when presented or gifted. These copper hearts can be made in different sizes to suit your requirements. They are a unique way of showing your love or appreciation to the people you care about. They can be hung on walls to make a heart display or simply gifted to your loved ones to display as they please. This heart is Width 27cm wide and Height 23cm We can provide a variation of sizes so please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Copper Hearts

  • This item is made from copper pipe and glue. Product size  This heart is Width 27cm wide and Height 23cm - Please enquire for different  hearts price and sizes 

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